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Dr George Christos

"I use to care but things have changed" Bob Dylan 2000

theoretical physicist (subnuclear quantum physics), mathematician, and brain theorist (neuroscience/psychology/sociology?)

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author of "Memory and Dreams: The Creative Human Mind"

inventor of 20/20 T20 twenty20 cricket

author of "While They Were Sleeping: Unravelling the mystery of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)"

author of "The Memetic World: The origin of man and mind, and the evolution of information"

inventor of "random democracy"

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some of my Media Releases and ex media



Some of my paintings and other artwork



I have over 100 publications, and numerous ideas.

I am only putting up stuff on here that most lay and scientific people would find interesting, and may be able to understand.

Some of my scientific papers are just unreadable by most.

My main current research interests...I am mainly interested in the brain, memory, the function of dream sleep, and memes



My (in)famous SIDS theory...the baby dreams it is back in the womb where it did not have to breathe and forgets to breathe

My dream theory...we dream to generate memory space (new spurious memories) for new learning and new ideas

My creativity theory...the brain has the natural capacity to combine memories into novel ideas through spurious memories

My deja-vu theory...COMING SOON!!

My ideas about the human mind...who are we and why do we act the way we do COMING SOON!!

Alzheimer's disease ideas about memory loss; possible connection to REM (dream sleep) deficit

Eye-movement desensitization (EMD) explanation of why this may work; connection to REM sleep unlearning


My AFL finals systems...the new AFL finals system is unfair; made them change it in 2000

Setting the WAFL I set the fixtures; how I can do even better

My own cricket rain rule...a simple solution where the number of wickets is varied; considered by the ICC
Inventor of Twenty20 cricket.....idea put forward to the ICC and to the EWCB in 1997 after they chose the Duckworth-Lewis system over mine for one-day cricket 50 over games ("If you can't join them, beat them")


My non-political random more politicians; power to the people; world peace; solution to the crisis in Iraq


My other research interests (chaos, quantum field theory, Monte Carlo simulations, genetic algorithms)...mainly pre-1992 stuff


My contribution to community based issues...number plates, mobile phones and speed cameras

My own solution to Rubic's cube...I did it my way...just had to

My hobbies, interests and other activities...antiques, heritage architecture, fitness, painting and Bob Dylan

a little bit about My self



I do NOT put all of my stuff on every forum, nor on here. For example youtube has a video of me explaining my theory of why men (and not women) evolved to have beards.


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